Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden relocation #1

So our little seeds have taken off and started to show some least some of them!

We were working on the actual in-ground garden, but it is proving to be a difficult project! The ground here is thick, dense and heavy clay like stuff that doesn't seem at all friendly to plants and even less friendly to amateur gardeners! We are still digging and pulling and trying to make it work, but mean- while, I went to Home Depot and bought several bags of dirt to put our little sprouts into a temporary garden home in the sandbox! Here are Emma & Sammy showing off their little garden while on their way to purple day at school.

The plants seemed to like their new home and perked up overnight. But then we got hit with a big weekend of lots of rain and storms. I forgot to put the sandbox cover on until early afternoon, so there was tons of water in there. (I didn't want to punch drainage holes in the bottom of the sandbox b/c we are likely to want it for sand this summer!) Hopefully we can save some of these little guys before they drown!!

Yikes! That's TOO much water!
Cute picture of our purple day sweeties!

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  1. How cute! Keep me updated on the garden because I would like to plant a few things too and have no clue were to start. What have you planted so far?