Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Playgroup @ Leigh Ann's

We have been meeting for years with a few young friends for a bi-monthly playgroup. This one was hosted by the mommy of Laraleigh and Lane on Good Friday. We had a little craft, a little lunch & cupcakes and lots of egg hunting and candy munching!

It was a little bit different egg hunt. Each child hunted for just one color of egg. It worked pretty well and there were plenty of eggs to find! We all had a great time!
Emma, Sammy & Preston checking the bushes.
Sammy found all the blue eggs!
Emma found all the green eggs & a little doodlebug!
Laraleigh loved finding the orange eggs!
Here's our super little egg hunters resting & checking out the loot!
Lane, Laraleigh, Emma, Sammy, Preston, Caroline.
Then it was time to decorate the cupcakes into little bird nests! Yum!
What a sweet little cutie giving mommy a good smile!
Too busy eating candy to smile!

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