Saturday, April 18, 2009

A fun family day - Charlotte's Web production

Last year at a silent auction, I won a set of 4 tickets to the AD Players Children's Theater. So I finally called and scheduled our family of 4 to attend the production of Charlotte's Web a couple of Saturday's ago. Since I had to collect some gift certificates from the Black Labrador Restaurant, we went ahead and planned to have lunch there before the 1:00 show. It was a beautiful day and they have a beautiful little courtyard to dine outside. The food was very good too! There were also tons of pigeons and other birds and squirrels to entertain the kids while we waited on our lunch.

After lunch, we headed over to St. Luke's UMC for the play.
Sammy the big poser here!

Emma & Mommy waiting for the show to start. Sammy was done posing and couldn't be still for even one little picture!

The theater "stage" was in the center of a room and there were about 3 rows of seats all the way around the room. It was a great set up and allowed for many different entrance/exits and there wasn't a bad seat in the room!

Anyway, during the show, you can't take any pictures, of course. I loved the way all of the characters were played by just 6 people! Each person had 2 to 5 characters to play, except for Wilbur. I almost couldn't tell that they were the same people! There were many seriously funny, laugh out loud moments and they told the story very well! They had a little question and answer session after the show where the characters all answered the kids questions. Emma wanted to ask what Charlotte's egg sac was made out of but someone else beat her to the question. It was made out of a big piece of foamy stuff like goes in pillows, by the way. We also found out that the "slop" food used to feed Wilbur is actually real 1/2 eaten food that they glazed and hardened. Interesting!

After the show, the cast members had a meet & greet and signed the programs and posed for photos. I couldn't get either Emma or Sammy to "pose", so I just took some candid shots. Here's Wilbur the Pig shaking hands with Sammy. Next to him is the duck, the sheep, the rat, then the spider and the narrator guy at the end.

I recommend this show for young kids and would guess that the AD Players Children's Theater puts on other good shows as well. Sammy, nearly 4, didn't quite make it through the whole 1 1/4 hour show but Emma, 5 1/2, enjoyed the entire show and is looking forward to seeing another one soon. I think this one might be the last of their season, but we will check into what's up for next year's season!

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