Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sammy's T-Ball days

Sammy was on the Red Sox T-Ball team in the spring season. He looked so cute in his little uniform!

Unfortunately, he did not like to have the shirt tucked in. He also really didn't like going to the games and playing on the field much...

Here's one of the times he was up to bat.
Looks like he made it to 3rd base and it was fun! Probably because it was almost time for the game to be over and snack time!
This is about the time he started liking baseball...when it was over! :-)
Sammy and the coach. Sammy looks so happy to get his trophy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who is using my camera?

As I look through my photos to post all these late blogs....I am finding a bunch of photos that I don't remember taking. Hmmm...

These are lovely...
Any guesses to who's taking these shots?
I've got a couple of guesses....
Who's eye is this?

Couldn't be her...probably she wants to be the one taking the pictures and is not getting to!
Awww, must be this guy... :-) Thanks for all the great, um...interesting pictures Sammy!

FBJSL Pancakes & Pajama party

In February, we went to the League's pajama party for kids and had a fun morning. Emma & Sammy liked the musical chairs book game the most. They played for a while and won several books. Awesome to win prizes!
What chair will be the winner this time?
Choosing books.
And the winner is Clifford!
Would Sammy look at the camera? Ummm no.
Emma danced outside to the slide, cha cha song!
Making sand crafts. We were here a lot too!
Riding the bucking bull! Yee Haw Sammy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009...What a blur! I was working so much and had not done shopping until the week before, then lots of my family came to visit and the kids hyped up on all the sugar and excitement. Unfortunately, I have very little memory of it all but here are a few pictures...

Actually this was taken after Christmas - posed so I would have something! :-) Oh aren't they so cute? Wish they would stay this way!
Christmas Morning
There's Pop, Kalee, and a little Tyler, Nick & Aunt Rachael.

Good one Kalee!

Ok, I've got to have more than that, but I'll have to check the separate storage b/c that's all that's on my computer now. More to come!

From our photo shoot after Christmas...
After the cute one above, the sillies came out.

Silly faces.

Celeste's Wedding Shower

Celeste came in town for her wedding shower around about in January. I was helping to host and Emma came along to help as well! We played a game where you have to break up into teams and make a wedding gown out of toilet paper and one of the girls on the team gets to be the model and compete against the others for the most fashionable wedding gown! Of course Emma volunteered to model.

Celeste and Emma in the winning wedding gown and bouquet.

Ok, not sure why I can't get this one to turn. Amateur blogging here.

Allie thought Emma was extremely entertaining! She was singing her a song about the color yellow that she learned in school. There are many color songs but the yellow one is so sunny and bright... I think Allie had to write it down. :-)

Excited about the prize!

We had a great time and can't (couldn't) wait for the wedding in March - In California and we get to go to Disney Land too!

Daisy Scout Emma

Emma was a Daisy Scout for her Kindergarten year. She loved it! She loved going around and selling the cookies, going to the meetings and doing the activities that she needed to do to get the daisy petals. Sammy liked being a part of the picture taking for the girl scout cookie sales too! He kept jumping in the photo and wouldn't let me get just one shot of Emma...if I wanted him to be in the picture though, he would be hiding under the table, behind the chair, etc. :-)


For one of the meetings and to earn a petal, the girls had to make something useful out of trash.

The bear means that it is your turn to talk. Emma made a noise maker with an old vitamin bottle and a pencil cup holder from a can. She really wanted to give the pencil holder to her teacher at school, so it ended up being a gift!

Emma volunteered to bring the snack for one meeting and had so much fun making little bags of fruit and handing them out to the girls at the meeting!