Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Hare Fair @ Sweetwater

On Saturday before Easter, we took the kids to the Sweetwater Country Club's annual Hare Fair. There were some big bouncy things to play on, carnival games, cookie decorating & a lunch. First they posed with the big bunny and then waited for the egg "hunt" to begin. It's not really a hunt because all the eggs are just laying out on the grass. Sammy went first with the 3 and under group. He got a little coaching from daddy to "focus! on the eggs", "don't look at other kids, just grab the eggs fast!". Well, he took it seriously and was a little egg grabbing MACHINE!
Just after starting, Sammy collected 10 eggs in about 15 seconds!
Pivot & grab, pivot & grab! Like a machine!
After about 2 minutes of steady grabbing, we started saying "that's enough" and got him to come out of the hunt. Needles to say, way more candy than a kid needs!
I think I counted 45 eggs before daddy pitched some back in the field. He was a happy boy!
The hunt is over, now time to sit down with Caroline & check out the prizes & the candy!

After that, the field was re-set with eggs for the 4-6 year olds. Emma & her friend Tyler discuss strategies and plan for how to tackle the field. It was a much faster hunt since the kids are bigger and faster!
Emma was sure fast and collected lots of eggs too!
Yummy frosting & sprinkles. Happy Easter!

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