Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fall 2009 Highlights - Emma's party, Sammy's bear day, Halloween

Well, since I spent most of the fall working, it left no time for blogging. The good thing is that Simply Sassy Paper did super and we can celebrate a successful year!!

So for a few fall highlights...first of all, September we hosted a birthday party for Emma at the Pet shop and Mexican restaurant. She still loves dogs and cats and even though she had a dog party at 3 years old and a cat party at 5 years old, she wanted a dog and cat party!

This was Emma for fall picture day
The annual photo of the front page of the newspaper and all the favorite toys on her birthday. Of course Sammy is one of the most favorite playthings!
Party prep: they lined up all the party favors and played with them for a long time. All the puppies and kitties have their little treats. They actually didn't want to give any of them away!
At the pet shop party, we had a face painter who painted animal faces on all the kids who wanted it.

Emma loves all animals. The little ferret wanted to snuggle and lick her!

Leaving the pet shop to go down to Los Tios for cake!

Bring on the cake! We had adorable kitty and puppy cupcakes.

Blowing out the candles!

There was a bit of time after the cake and everyone wanted to Open the Presents! So Emma opened 'em up and held everything up high so everyone could see what she was getting!
Hanging around with Pop after the party.

we love snuggling with Annabelle!

Sammy had Teddy Bear day at school. They sang and taught their teddy bears to do the songs and motions too!

Sweet Sammy and his teddy bear.
Making Halloween goodies.
Daddy carved a kitty into the pumpkin. I think it's the first one we have ever done! Emma decided to be a cat and Sammy is a dog. Huh? Who would have guessed? Cats & Dogs?

Lots of fun Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.

After about 1/2 the neighborhood, their pumpkins were getting full. Sammy stopped going up to the doors on the last few houses because it was too heavy and he had enough!

I think he definitely did have enough!
Emma hauled in a ton too!

Great job on the kitty carving!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Emma is 6!

Emma turned 6 last week and has grown up so much! She woke up to a surprise of gifts and singing that morning. She wanted a kitty that meows and kneads like she has already but I found a bigger one that does all kinds of things and meows loudly. I just knew she would love that new kitty and I felt like I was buying a real cat because of the way it meows all the time.
After we got dressed and ready for school, Emma was off for another fun day! She loves school and it was going to be especially fun on her birthday! We planned for Mommy to join her for lunch on her special day!
Here is how Emma greeted me in the cafeteria!
It was pretty entertaining having lunch with her. Here we are with one of her friends, Hannah.

I brought the requested cookies too and everyone got to share them with her. Boys got blue icing and girls got pink icing on their cookies.
As lunch ended, Emma got to be the line leader and took her place at the front of the line. This is a special position! She also got a special birthday ribbon and crown.

A while later after we got home from school, Emma's good friend Tyler came by with some cupcakes to wish her a happy birthday. I got a rare adorable picture of them posing together.
Here's the birthday princess with her crown and precious dog Annabelle.

Later on that evening, we went to Benihana's which is Emma's favorite restaurant. She didn't want to wear the hat though, so I got this face.

Some puppies got to go with us too because we don't really go anywhere without some puppies.
Everyone is singing to me....Love that little face!

When we got home, Emma got a phone call from Pop right before bathtime and hopping into bed as a 6 year old!! We love that sweet big birthday girl!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What happened to July?

Summer seriously has gotten too short! July was a blur and I didn't get around to blogging even one time. We actually did a lot of work on the house early in the month and then put it on the market to see if we should sell it and try to change our lifestyles due to the downturn in the economy. Our agent is so great and his wife staged our house beautifully. I really loved the work she did and how it turned out.

We have since taken the house off the market and are praying that we are through the worst of the bad times and can plan to stay where we are for as long as we want. We are open to God's calling though and will be flexible to where He leads us.

Monday, June 29, 2009

We were there to see the ASTROS Win!!!

I don't really follow the Astros, but when we were offered great seats at a great price (FREE!!), I thought it would be a fun outing for the whole family! So we were planning to get there early and take advantage of our seats right behind the Astros dugout, but that didn't happen and we got there slightly after the game started (which is typical for us :-)). The seats were actually Great and we were very close to the action on the field. It was fun to be that close.
They jumped right up on these balls at the entrance.

Emma was so excited to see the cotton candy man. Everyone around us knew that was why she came to the game!

It really was all about the cotton candy!

We decided it was time to leave after the 4th inning. All the scoring had pretty much happened and the kids were pretty well done with the cotton candy. The Astros had made several hits and a couple of home runs even. There was also one of those exciting throw/run back & forth between 1st & 2nd base. It ended up with the Astro guy getting out but it was very close and fun to watch...also very loud according to Emma.

Right before we left, the Chick-fil-A cows and people came out to say Hi and throw t-shirts out. I made a grab for one and although I had my hand on it, so did someone else and I let it go. I ended up with a bad bruise on my leg and scraped up foot in the effort. Oh well maybe next time!
The only player I really recognized from when we used to go to the games more often. Lance Berkman. He had a good game too!