Friday, May 15, 2009

Sammy's Birthday Party @ Rocket Town

For weeks, we have been talking about what Sammy wanted to do for his 4th birthday. He kept saying he wanted a Thomas party again (which he had last year) and sometimes would say he wanted Lightening McQueen. Well, we decided to have his party at our church where they have a big play structure called Rocket Town. So we just went ahead and included all of them for the theme. I took a cute picture of Sammy with Thomas, McQueen AND Rocket and made the invitations up. Now what to put on the cake! It was a bit of a persuasion to get him away from the big blue Thomas cake, but he was happy with his selection!
Sammy mostly played in the ball pit with his friends Preston & Caroline. They got really crazy!!
Cake time! Lightening McQueen and a yummy white cake. Just what Sammy ordered!
The pinata was a fun time and it really lasted forever! Everyone got to hit at it and then Sammy got even more time at the end.
Preston working on the pinata!
Then daddy finally had to break it open for the candy to come out! That was fun!
After a fun party and opening a few great presents, Sammy was a happy 4 year old boy! I must mention that he decided that night to not wear pull-ups to bed anymore! Yippee! He really is a BIG BOY now! We are so proud of him!

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