Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emma's Graduation from Pre-School

May 19th. Christ Church School held a little program for the kids graduating from Pre-school, Bridge & Kindergarten. Emma came in smiling and waving. We got everything on video too.

Emma was so cute up there smiling and waving at us. There were really tons of kids up there. Then they started singing songs with Mrs. Frye, the music teacher.

The theme was about the ocean, so there were lots of songs about the beach and ocean animals. It was very cute!
Emma got her certificate from her teachers Mrs. Diekroeger and Mrs. Gardner. We will really miss them!

Emma gave some roses to her teachers after the program.

Then they posed for a photo with her. They both told me how fun she was to have in class and they couldn't wait to see what she grows up to be. She is so "in charge" and has such an outgoing personality.

We are so proud of our little graduate!

After the program, we sat outside on the sidewalk and had cookies & punch. Emma posed with her pretty pink roses. She is such a good poser!
Sammy was there too and almost tried to join in the program by walking up to the front and then over to where Emma was sitting after her presentation time. He loves his sister!


  1. Congratulations to sweet Emma!! Can't believe she is graduating preschool and on her way to kindergarten next year!!

  2. What an adorable day...Emma looked so cute and grown up!