Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Camp Jellystone

Right up front, I should recommend Camp Jellystone! We loaded up the RV (Johnny's parent's RV) and drove a short way to Waller TX for a camping weekend. It was so fun for all of us! We will definitely plan to go again! They had a giant pool and waterslide that will probably be a lot more fun next time. Meanwhile, there was tons of stuff to do the whole time!
Here's the giant dragon inflatable they had set up when we arrived. The kids only went down one time. It was a little steep so it took Emma a long time to go down the first time, but then she wanted to do it again, but it was time to go to the hayride!

Daddy & Emma on the hayride.

Mommy & Sammy enjoyed the ride too!

Yogi rode all over the camp grounds on his golf cart and jumped off to pose for a picture with Emma. Sammy ran away when he got off the cart!

The best part of the camping trip is the Smore's!! I think Emma had 3 or 4 of them! Yummy!!

Craft time. Sammy & Emma painted their own Yogi Bear t-shirts. Sammy was so careful and thorough. He colored EVERYTHING on the shirt!
The petting zoo was so cute but more of a feeding zoo since it was a little hard to pet them. There were a few little cut out squares to stick your arm through to pet them. The donkeys used those squares to ask for more food! It was hilarious feeding the animals!
Screaming "HELLO" out the side of the RV is really fun...even when there's nobody else around. Great trip!

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