Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emma's end of school pool party

Mrs. Diekroeger hosted the end of school pool party in her backyard with a beautiful pool and lots of fun for the kids! Emma found it a little chilly but had a great time other than the goggles issue. Turns out I forgot the big nose-covering goggles that she wanted so it was a little hard to get over that, but otherwise we had a super time!

Here are the wrong goggles that I brought. She tried them for a while but they are just not what works.
Then we found out that one of her friends, Lilly, had some just like hers that she wanted (with the nose), so we got to borrow those for a little while.
We were really happy while we had those goggles.

Here's Emma going into the deep end.
Emily & Emma enjoyed the popsicles!
Mrs.Diekroeger also passed out the Memory books for the year. I teared up on the first page, but later was able to look at it over Emma's shoulder. It is absolutely priceless!
Aren't they super adorable? What a cute class of pre-schoolers!
We had a great year!!

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