Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last day @ Christ Church School + Changes

The last day of school was bitter-sweet. We love Christ Church School and will miss everyone! Next year, Sammy will attend Pre-school at Cornerstone Christian Academy four days a week and of course Emma will be going to Kindergarten. This is going to be a big change for all of us. We will all be getting up much earlier than we are used to and we will all be more on a schedule than we have been for the last 5 years! I am having mixed feelings about that part but looking forward to entering a new stage in our lives. It is a bit sad to leave the "baby" & "toddler" years though, they are so super adorable and well, kids, so there are so many fun things to do with them! I think though that we will love the next stage too!

Sammy with his teacher Mrs. Link on the last day.

Emma also had her last day of "Pre-school" with Mrs. Diekroeger and Mrs. Gardner.
Of course all the teachers received some personalized stationery from Simply Sassy Paper!
Some of Emma's friends in her class.
Jake, Tyler G, Emma & Sydney.
Wonder when will Emma get taller?

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  1. Ooh, sounds like lots of fun for ya'll. I know what you mean about the transition from stages. Tyler is still technically a toddler, but I feel like him turning three was a big thing for us. He definitely isn't a baby any more and I'm seeing more little kid than toddler these days!!

    It will be huge for you though, going from having them with you most of the week, to Emma being at school all day, every day and having Sammy only one day!!