Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daisy Scout Emma

Emma was a Daisy Scout for her Kindergarten year. She loved it! She loved going around and selling the cookies, going to the meetings and doing the activities that she needed to do to get the daisy petals. Sammy liked being a part of the picture taking for the girl scout cookie sales too! He kept jumping in the photo and wouldn't let me get just one shot of Emma...if I wanted him to be in the picture though, he would be hiding under the table, behind the chair, etc. :-)


For one of the meetings and to earn a petal, the girls had to make something useful out of trash.

The bear means that it is your turn to talk. Emma made a noise maker with an old vitamin bottle and a pencil cup holder from a can. She really wanted to give the pencil holder to her teacher at school, so it ended up being a gift!

Emma volunteered to bring the snack for one meeting and had so much fun making little bags of fruit and handing them out to the girls at the meeting!

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