Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fall 2009 Highlights - Emma's party, Sammy's bear day, Halloween

Well, since I spent most of the fall working, it left no time for blogging. The good thing is that Simply Sassy Paper did super and we can celebrate a successful year!!

So for a few fall highlights...first of all, September we hosted a birthday party for Emma at the Pet shop and Mexican restaurant. She still loves dogs and cats and even though she had a dog party at 3 years old and a cat party at 5 years old, she wanted a dog and cat party!

This was Emma for fall picture day
The annual photo of the front page of the newspaper and all the favorite toys on her birthday. Of course Sammy is one of the most favorite playthings!
Party prep: they lined up all the party favors and played with them for a long time. All the puppies and kitties have their little treats. They actually didn't want to give any of them away!
At the pet shop party, we had a face painter who painted animal faces on all the kids who wanted it.

Emma loves all animals. The little ferret wanted to snuggle and lick her!

Leaving the pet shop to go down to Los Tios for cake!

Bring on the cake! We had adorable kitty and puppy cupcakes.

Blowing out the candles!

There was a bit of time after the cake and everyone wanted to Open the Presents! So Emma opened 'em up and held everything up high so everyone could see what she was getting!
Hanging around with Pop after the party.

we love snuggling with Annabelle!

Sammy had Teddy Bear day at school. They sang and taught their teddy bears to do the songs and motions too!

Sweet Sammy and his teddy bear.
Making Halloween goodies.
Daddy carved a kitty into the pumpkin. I think it's the first one we have ever done! Emma decided to be a cat and Sammy is a dog. Huh? Who would have guessed? Cats & Dogs?

Lots of fun Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.

After about 1/2 the neighborhood, their pumpkins were getting full. Sammy stopped going up to the doors on the last few houses because it was too heavy and he had enough!

I think he definitely did have enough!
Emma hauled in a ton too!

Great job on the kitty carving!

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  1. post and new pictures!! I'm SO behind too, and I REALLY don't have the reason like you do! My fall was nothing like yours. Can't wait to see some pictures from Christmas. We still need to put them someplace where we can all share them, since I know none of us took very many. I'll try to look into that. I hate that we are so far away and don't do well at keeping in touch, but I do love looking at the blog and keeping up with ya'll that way. I'll try to do better with our blog, too. I did change it to a cute winter background, but now I'm thinking it's time for a spring makeover!!