Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009...What a blur! I was working so much and had not done shopping until the week before, then lots of my family came to visit and the kids hyped up on all the sugar and excitement. Unfortunately, I have very little memory of it all but here are a few pictures...

Actually this was taken after Christmas - posed so I would have something! :-) Oh aren't they so cute? Wish they would stay this way!
Christmas Morning
There's Pop, Kalee, and a little Tyler, Nick & Aunt Rachael.

Good one Kalee!

Ok, I've got to have more than that, but I'll have to check the separate storage b/c that's all that's on my computer now. More to come!

From our photo shoot after Christmas...
After the cute one above, the sillies came out.

Silly faces.

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