Monday, June 29, 2009

We were there to see the ASTROS Win!!!

I don't really follow the Astros, but when we were offered great seats at a great price (FREE!!), I thought it would be a fun outing for the whole family! So we were planning to get there early and take advantage of our seats right behind the Astros dugout, but that didn't happen and we got there slightly after the game started (which is typical for us :-)). The seats were actually Great and we were very close to the action on the field. It was fun to be that close.
They jumped right up on these balls at the entrance.

Emma was so excited to see the cotton candy man. Everyone around us knew that was why she came to the game!

It really was all about the cotton candy!

We decided it was time to leave after the 4th inning. All the scoring had pretty much happened and the kids were pretty well done with the cotton candy. The Astros had made several hits and a couple of home runs even. There was also one of those exciting throw/run back & forth between 1st & 2nd base. It ended up with the Astro guy getting out but it was very close and fun to watch...also very loud according to Emma.

Right before we left, the Chick-fil-A cows and people came out to say Hi and throw t-shirts out. I made a grab for one and although I had my hand on it, so did someone else and I let it go. I ended up with a bad bruise on my leg and scraped up foot in the effort. Oh well maybe next time!
The only player I really recognized from when we used to go to the games more often. Lance Berkman. He had a good game too!

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