Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blue Bell creamery tour

We recently took a road trip with our friends Catherine & Caroline to the big town of Brenham TX to tour the Blue Bell Creamery. It was a fun drive and then for I think $3 a person, we bought a ticket to tour the factory that makes the famous & yummy ice cream!
Here we are waiting for the tour to start and trying on the cute hats.

There were no cameras allowed on the no inside trade secrets would be shared. The kids did pretty well paying attention to what was happening and waiting for the tour guide to talk. It was actually fascinating learning and watching the process of making and packaging the many, many buckets of ice cream they ship out a day! But truthfully, the best part was when we got to the end where we got to try a sample of ice cream in the flavor of our choice! Caroline had rainbow, Sammy had his favorite Vanilla and somehow Emma ended up with 2 cups of ice cream (chocolate & rainbow)...and she really tried to eat both of them too!

It was all good and then we shopped in the gift shop for a few trinkets, posed for a few photos outside and then went to eat at a nearby sandwich shop. It was a great event and the kids had a fun time!

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