Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emma's Prize Winning Reading

Emma has been working on learning to read for a few months. She sometimes likes to do her lesson but most of the time, there is something better to do. So, recently, when she was asking for a particular rolling dog toy (that her friend Caroline has and she plays with for the whole time she visits her), I had the bright idea to get her to "earn" it. She had to do as many lessons as the prize costs in dollars. So she was at 14 lessons that we had stickers for and she needed about 14 more to earn the toy dog. What was really exciting is that by the end of that prize winning lesson, she was actually reading all the words in the little story! We are so proud and she is starting to really love reading and doing the lessons!!
Here's the book we are using to learn to read. It focuses mostly on sounds and has an interesting way of introducing sounds in a "logical" way for learning. The Pooh book is for the writing practice. I got it at the dollar store.
Emma was sooooo excited about getting to get her Spot out of the box! The box arrived a few days before she completed the lessons, so then we had a new lesson to learn: PATIENCE.
She loves Spot so much she wants to sleep with it... for now. ;-)

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  1. Way to go Emma!! You are going to do so well in Kindergarten next year!