Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News Flash: Simply Sassy is now available at Magpies on Bellaire!!

Today is very exciting for Simply Sassy! The first official store display is up and ready for ordering at the Magpies Gifts Store on Bellaire Blvd in Houston! The ladies in the shop are so sweet and helpful with everything. They have tons of cute gift items and were so sweet to stock some inventory and put up a display as well. Hopefully we'll be taking lots of orders there! I am also planning to work with the Magpies location in Sugar Land soon to get a display in that store as well!


  1. Very cool, I am STILL working on this. I have two stores lined up, but without spending a ton of money to print samples of all of my products and a bunch of inventory, I'm trying to figure out a good way to do this. I think I've come up with something, it's just a bit labor intensive and I'm not feeling so motivated right now. It is summer afterall. :) I'm just hoping to get it done prior to the fall for the holiday card season. Are those your products to the right in the little boxes? If so, what are they, they look cute!

  2. Thanks! We're very excited and got the first order today! Don't rush yourself...you have two busy boys after all! Maybe we can work something out for Johnny to print you some samples for the displays though when you are ready. Just let me know if that might work. The little sets on the right ARE cute, but not mine! I think I need to do something like that though! :-)