Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maisy's Puppies - born April 1, 2014

Our sweet labradoodle Maisy has had her first litter of babies. She had 3 babies - all boys!
We got her back from the breeder a few days after the delivery. Everyone was so happy to have her home and see the new puppies!

Maisy and first 3 puppies - April 4, 2014

Before Maisy left to go deliver her puppies, Emma was so sad to see her go - she wrote a sweet message for the breeder (Lanie) to read to her every day! :) such a sweet girl...

  More puppy pics taken on April 10th.
Brody (named by Emma)
Pepper (named by mommy)
Rex (named by Sammy)

After a couple weeks upstairs, we found we needed to move the puppies to a bigger and more open space. The baby pool in the laundry room worked for a few more weeks. Maisy is such a good mommy. 
It wasn't too much longer when they started to need their own food! Then it got interesting!
Then they had to have their own "area"! Geez, they were so Cute and Busy! One of the best parts was when they all started wagging their tails when they saw us! Pepper was the first one to escape and try to have run of the house!

Here's Brody (Emma's friend) holding Brody.

We loved 'em all but I really liked the black one the best. :) Can't wait til the next litter! 

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