Friday, March 20, 2009

Zoo trip on Spring Break Friday!!

Well, I'm sure I'm crazy for taking my kids to the zoo on the Friday of Spring Break for everyone in the Houston area!! We arrived about 15 minutes too late (my personal estimation) to get a parking spot in the parking lot but after a couple of circles around the zoo, Hermann park area, we found the police were parking cars along the road in front of the zoo in the "no parking" area! Yippee! We DO get to go to the zoo today!! Perseverance paid off! We were all very excited about this! So we haul out the double stroller and make the 1/2 mile trek to the main entrance! No lines, no problems, just walked right in with my tickets in hand. What a beautiful day too!

We were definitely not alone...but we could still move around everyone and got to see most of the animals! It was super fun actually!

Anyway, we HAD to start in the reptile house b/c my kids are all about their rubber "snakee" snakes right now. I can't believe I didn't get a photo of those toy snakes!!...and we came home with one less...appears someone else loves snakes a lot too and swiped it! Oh dear! We'll be ok though b/c mommy knows where to find another one just like it!

So, after we are in the snake pit place for about 5 minutes, the lights all go out! Can't see anything! They shoo everyone out of there and we were a little upset by that and wanted to just wait outside until the lights come back on...but after waiting a few minutes, we eventually decided to go on and see some more animals. So on to the giraffes!
Are we as big as the giraffes?

Here's the sneaky leopard that came out of hiding while we watched.

The jaguar making a leap...he was having his lunch.

Pretty flamingos.

Mommy & baby "zaboomafoo" monkeys. This is an action was jumping on and off mommy's back.
(taken with my cell phone)

We found luck at the lunch area and managed to secure a table for 3! Then we were off to ride the carousel and Emma was hoping to get to ride the snake if they had one. Of course, we didn't know for sure if they did, b/c we never have really been this interested in snakes before. But lucky for us, there was a snake and we just happened to be quick enough to get to it before all the other snake lovers! We are so happy now!!
Who knew snakes would ever be a favorite?

We even had a good photo pose session for mommy.
Aren't they adorable??
(Kinda looks like nobody else was there! HA!!)
All in all, it was a very fun day to go to the zoo and we all enjoyed it! Now we are enjoying rest/nap time and I think it's a great day to join them for a small nap myself! :-)

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